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The Mirai Mirror

Beyond a Smart Mirror

The Mirai Mirror powered by Smoothweb is a work of genius using the latest A.I. recognition engine and deep learning AI thinking. It is the perfect solution to increase interest, commitment and purchase intention among customers in physical spaces such as retail stores, showrooms, events and public spaces. Generate higher sales and greater brand loyalty through heightened brand experiences at the point of sale.

Best in class recognition speed for your branded SKUs. The hyper-intelligent recognition engine nudges your customer playfully down the sales funnel. Once they try, they will buy. With up to 99% SKU recognition rate in just 0.1 second, this is the most powerful AI mirror engine bar none. Seamless recognition of your brand and instant playback of media, social feeds, videos or whatever your brand needs is played out on the Mirai Mirror surface.

1 beyond a smart mirror

Hyper Recognition Engine

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0.1 second to recognise your product

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Powerful media playback on the mirror screen

Hypersmart Features

The Mirai Mirror brings together the latest A.I. technology with a global leaders in retail to produce an intelligent mirror. Trained to instantly recognise your brands and specific product when worn by customers in multiple environments. The mirror responds with appropriate content and engaging experiences. The Mirai Mirror fits naturally into your consumer’s journey, enhancing the path to conversion from brand, to awareness, to specific product features while being engaging and fun.

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Data collection to help you stock the right products and move inventory

The Mirai Mirror is trained to recognize your chosen SKUs. The deep learning engine can be tweaked to iron out inconsistencies from ambient light and in-store traffic.

But that is just the beginning. The Mirai Mirror collects data on choices, preferences, favorite stock so you can adjust demand accordingly. Realtime traffic is logged on the back end for store managers to assess what is selling or not selling and to make adjustments to stock display and promotions.

4 a mult options

Multiple Content Options

Train your shoe to make the mirror display different messages, content when placed at a different angle. Choose to display functional benefits or an emotional video of a brand ambassador when a shoe is placed at a certain angle.

The Mirai Mirror is robust enough to judge height, angle, location, even when worn in harsh lighting ambience. Tested robustly both in the lab and in-store, the Mirai Mirror is a rock star among ‘Smart Mirrors’.

Brand Experience that Makes Selling Pure Joy

Your staff will love the Mirai Mirror! Experience shows a 10% uplift in sales interest once a customer has bonded with the brand in the mirror.

The Mirai Mirror also keeps all logs of interactions so you can review and assess how to help customers to make the right decision when choosing between different styles.

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Track customer engagement

The Mirai Mirror captures all visits and try-outs of the shoes when worn and recognised by the mirror. Find out which styles, which colours, which sizes are popular by gender, by store, hour by hour.

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Unlimited possibilities

Designed for high traffic environments such as malls, airports, hotels, retail outlets, the Mirai Mirror is at home in multiple settings. It can be designed in multiple size formats, placed on the floor or the wall, is suitable for low and high lighting ambience, does not need hard-wiring and is robust enough to withstand low and high operating temperature environments.

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99.9% Uptime

We know that retailers are not in the hardware game so we provide a one-stop leasing service. For one annual fee, we provide the Mirai Mirror, agreed content, SKU training at unbelievably low rates, installation and maintenance.

You do not have to worry about downtime or malfunction. Each mirror comes with a warranty. We guarantee to repair or replace your mirror on site overnight if you have any problems. We will beat any competitive quote of the same offering.

How will you use your Mirai Mirror?

We chose the hardest problem first. By developing our AI engine mirror for retail with high visibility branded goods, we set ourselves a hard problem. We are successful because our company has spent several years developing multiple moving parts –  a content management system, transcoding on the fly, multilingual support for global markets, closely integrated and managed server side support and fast delivery pipes, experience in live streaming and global delivery, and most importantly experience at implementing cloud solutions with appropriate hardware. This is not just a mirror. This is a world class CMS eco-system.

Content Management System

8 b how to use

On-the-fly Transcoding

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Multilingual Support

8 a how to use

Seamless Server Support

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Hardware Expertise

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